Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is a serious and prevalent disease that can go undetected during regular dental checkups. As a preventative measure, it is imperative that you receive an oral cancer screening at least once or a year. Individuals who are at a higher risk for the disease, such as those who use tobacco or consume alcohol, should have two oral cancer screenings each year. Early detection greatly increases survival rates and can ultimately lead to the prevention of harmful cells spreading inside the mouth and to other areas of your body. Using the VELscope Oral Cancer Screening System, Dr. Sheldon Seidman can administer a thorough examination of your mouth to detect any potentially carcinogenic growths or lesions. It is vitally important to identify oral cancer in its earliest stages in order to reduce serious risks to your health.

Cancer Screening with the VELscope System

During an oral cancer screening, Dr. Seidman shines the powerful VELscope system light over a number of areas inside the mouth. Healthy tissue reflects light back, whereas unhealthy tissue absorbs the light and remains dark. This technique can be very helpful in determining potentially cancerous tissues and abnormalities in a variety of oral areas. The screening lasts about two minutes and is completely pain-free. If unhealthy tissue is discovered, Dr. Seidman will determine what actions you may need to take depending on your specific situation.

Early detection and subsequent treatment of oral cancer can significantly increase the chances of survival. For more information on the VELscope Oral Cancer Screening System, or to learn about our other cosmetic dentistry treatments and procedures, please contact Dr. Sheldon Seidman today.