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Teeth Whitening

Improved Teeth Whitening at Home With GLO®

By now, you’re probably familiar with the professional grade teeth whitening treatments used in dental offices like ours. One of the major differences between at home whitening treatments and in-office treatments is that dental offices often have a specialized light that can be used to activate teeth whitening gel. With over-the-counter whitening products, patients tend ...
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Sensitivity after Teeth Whitening

Getting a smile that looks great means that it should be straight, white, bright, and beautiful. Not everyone naturally has these things, of course, but that doesn’t mean a fine-looking smile is unattainable. Many people come to our Chicago cosmetic dentistry practice in order to enhance the aesthetics and health of their smile, with results ...
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Laser Teeth Whitening – Welcome to the Future

Teeth whitening treatments are among the most popular and effective treatments in the history of cosmetic dentistry. As in nearly every field of medicine, laser technology has revolutionized cosmetic dentistry, and teeth whitening in particular. Lasers have improved the efficacy and overall results of in-office teeth whitening, allowing Smile Chicago to revitalize and rejuvenate smiles ...
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Winter Whitening!

Throughout the month of December, we at Smile Chicago are offering $150 off our Zoom in-office teeth whitening.  Ask about our cosmetic veneer consultation!...
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